Your Gift Awaits

As with any goal, always set your intention.  Say to yourself that you will find great items, meet new people.

Then sit back and watch how things manifest themselves in your world.  Refrain from writing your own life story, from making your own script.

Your thoughts are as powerful as you are.

It’s amazing how the heavens line things up to make things happen to you.  You will be prompted to go to certain places.  You will be led to visit certain websites.

And great people will just start showing up for you.

You will always find what you want, where you want it, when you want it.


The 140-Character Happiness Mission Statement

My 4-year old daughter has this wonderful habit of dancing when she’s suddenly bereft of words, especially when she is happy.  She also believes she can convey her message more by being 100% present in the moment, and seizes it every chance that she gets.


Let yourself go

Let yourself go


What is your happiness mission? Can you define it in 140 characters or less?