Throw Throw Throw Your Trash

My daughter wants to keep things clean. She throws any trash she sees lying everywhere. Even in restaurants.

I was vlogging for my channel here, talking about what we had for lunch when she took over somehow and mentioned something about throwing trash in the “basura can” (trash can).

Then she smiled and said, “Mama, it’s now kooh-ween (clean). You can eat now.”


That One-Minute Break

Yesterday, I had one full minute free.  So I mindlessly and aimlessly unlocked the door and stepped outside, but not before Gabby sensed something afoot and rushed to put on her rain boots.  It wasn’t raining but she loves this shiny polka dotted pair I bought her for less than a dollar in the grocery store.

“Mama! Mama!” she breathlessly shouts at me, “Let’s play in muddy puddles!” She was mimicking Peppa Pig, one of her favorite cartoon characters.

For one full minute, we walked outside.  Then I just stood there watching her.  She went crazy.  She was ecstatic.

In silence I pointed at the sky and she kept chuckling at some tiny birds that flew over the horizon in a V formation.

I contemplated on how amazing my life is, now that I have my daughter in it.  I even forgot to take pictures for posterity!

Quote and wallpaper photo taken from

Well, we should do this more often.

“Tomorrow!” she suggests and I nod in agreement.

Did something magical happen to you yesterday?

That Four-Letter Word

Is there a talent you are really good at? What do you usually say when someone asks what you do best?

One morning, Gabby looks at me as she tugs at my hand, saying “Mama, I love you best!”

Since I’ve been quite busy in the kitchen, hot and flustered and whipping something with eggs and milk, I muttered something.  She must have thought I misunderstood what she said so she called my name and this time, in a louder voice, she said it again,

“Mama, I love you best!”


Love, Gabby


Let’s not forget why we’re here, why we love.  Not even for one split second.