That One-Minute Break

Yesterday, I had one full minute free.  So I mindlessly and aimlessly unlocked the door and stepped outside, but not before Gabby sensed something afoot and rushed to put on her rain boots.  It wasn’t raining but she loves this shiny polka dotted pair I bought her for less than a dollar in the grocery store.

“Mama! Mama!” she breathlessly shouts at me, “Let’s play in muddy puddles!” She was mimicking Peppa Pig, one of her favorite cartoon characters.

For one full minute, we walked outside.  Then I just stood there watching her.  She went crazy.  She was ecstatic.

In silence I pointed at the sky and she kept chuckling at some tiny birds that flew over the horizon in a V formation.

I contemplated on how amazing my life is, now that I have my daughter in it.  I even forgot to take pictures for posterity!

Quote and wallpaper photo taken from

Well, we should do this more often.

“Tomorrow!” she suggests and I nod in agreement.

Did something magical happen to you yesterday?


This Monday Morning Feeling I Get

Here’s a quick survey, guys..

Do you hate Mondays?


Broody Moody Lady


Or do you look forward to them?

Three cheers plus one more!


Six hours into Monday, I’m basically this way:






That Two-Word Something

This is your mission and it is not impossible.

Do this every single day: recognize the people behind their tasks.

These are the people who are behind the scenes most of the time.  They shun the spotlight but lend the much-needed support to make even your most crazy ideas possible.

Say thank you and smile.


Thank you, Teddy, you make my life complete!

You may argue, “but it’s their job to make me look good”.

Even if it’s their job, go out of your way to say thanks.

Gabby and I dined at a restaurant one time and as soon as the waiter served us soup, my daughter says in her tiny voice loud enough for him to hear, “Thank you!”

It never fails to bring cheer to that little kid in all of us.

That Little Black Dress!

Defying all conventional wisdom, I dressed my little girl in a black ensemble, mainly because she likes how she looks in that cute black puffy skirt.  Then we went to a nearby mall on a quick errand.  Here’s how a few people reacted:

STRANGER 1: Oh, a kid in black.  She’s too young for black!

STRANGER 2 (totally not related to Stranger 1): *looks surprised* *looks away*

MY MUM: She’s not wearing that, isn’t she..??

Gabby, my little girl, smiles at her grandmother, then at me.  She ignores the strangers’ looks and reactions.


At a shoe store, Gabby surveys her look in front of the shop mirror. She loves everything black, even black flowers on her sandals.


One thing I learned from my daughter is to carry on with her choices as long as these aren’t hurting anyone.  We do care about what other people think, but at the end of the day, will a splash of black on an outfit hurt one’s chances at happiness?

GABBY: I want that.  Black skirt!!! *rolls eyes*

She’ll be turning four in a few weeks.


That Four-Letter Word

Is there a talent you are really good at? What do you usually say when someone asks what you do best?

One morning, Gabby looks at me as she tugs at my hand, saying “Mama, I love you best!”

Since I’ve been quite busy in the kitchen, hot and flustered and whipping something with eggs and milk, I muttered something.  She must have thought I misunderstood what she said so she called my name and this time, in a louder voice, she said it again,

“Mama, I love you best!”


Love, Gabby


Let’s not forget why we’re here, why we love.  Not even for one split second.