How’s your Sunday Afternoon?

Of the rare times I get to spend the weekend without losing my sanity, I spend it with Gabby.

The rains come and go and we somehow got carried away sharing our thoughts, random as they are.

Happy weekend!


Enter Password

Reality bites.  Life doesn’t hand you a manual.  You just have to figure things out on your own or with the help of others who also haven’t come across the same manual you are looking for.

I learned a lot of lessons, and one of these is that the best things are free and fun.

Plus, you don’t need a password; you just need to live life as it is.


As red as it gets…..

Of course it helps to at least own a great pair of shoes…………


Good Morning, Laundry

My daughter loves the smell of clean clothes.

“Mama, let’s do the laundry!”

And I’d go follow her as she walks in her tiny orange high heeled sandals towards the back door leading to the laundry area.

Admittedly, it’s a chore that I don’t enjoy doing and which I try to postpone until we run out of clean stuff to wear; Gabby thinks otherwise.

I invite you to tell me things you don’t particularly like doing.

What is it about these things that doesn’t make you feel good or right?

What motivates you to finally do them?

That Two-Word Something

This is your mission and it is not impossible.

Do this every single day: recognize the people behind their tasks.

These are the people who are behind the scenes most of the time.  They shun the spotlight but lend the much-needed support to make even your most crazy ideas possible.

Say thank you and smile.


Thank you, Teddy, you make my life complete!

You may argue, “but it’s their job to make me look good”.

Even if it’s their job, go out of your way to say thanks.

Gabby and I dined at a restaurant one time and as soon as the waiter served us soup, my daughter says in her tiny voice loud enough for him to hear, “Thank you!”

It never fails to bring cheer to that little kid in all of us.