Enter Password

Reality bites.  Life doesn’t hand you a manual.  You just have to figure things out on your own or with the help of others who also haven’t come across the same manual you are looking for.

I learned a lot of lessons, and one of these is that the best things are free and fun.

Plus, you don’t need a password; you just need to live life as it is.


As red as it gets…..

Of course it helps to at least own a great pair of shoes…………



That Little Black Dress!

Defying all conventional wisdom, I dressed my little girl in a black ensemble, mainly because she likes how she looks in that cute black puffy skirt.  Then we went to a nearby mall on a quick errand.  Here’s how a few people reacted:

STRANGER 1: Oh, a kid in black.  She’s too young for black!

STRANGER 2 (totally not related to Stranger 1): *looks surprised* *looks away*

MY MUM: She’s not wearing that, isn’t she..??

Gabby, my little girl, smiles at her grandmother, then at me.  She ignores the strangers’ looks and reactions.


At a shoe store, Gabby surveys her look in front of the shop mirror. She loves everything black, even black flowers on her sandals.


One thing I learned from my daughter is to carry on with her choices as long as these aren’t hurting anyone.  We do care about what other people think, but at the end of the day, will a splash of black on an outfit hurt one’s chances at happiness?

GABBY: I want that.  Black skirt!!! *rolls eyes*

She’ll be turning four in a few weeks.