Nike Can’t Be Lying

I woke up and found myself all sweaty and breathless.  All flushed and unable to speak, I reached for my water bottle, opened it and found more ants in it than the number of drops of water it contains.  Torn between quenching my thirst and counting the number of ants crawling out of the lid, I heard an alarm clock go off very very faintly.  I realized I was dreaming.  I went back to sleep.

Then I woke up again to find myself running alongside a stream.  Running for my life, forgetting to count the calories I’m sweating out, a swarm of buzzing bees trailing in the dust…

Then I woke up again, only to realize it was just a dream….although there was a barely-there scent of honey somewhere.  I promise.


I need to wake up for real and be frenemies with the alarm clock for the moment.



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